Everlasting designs for every love story!

Everlasting designs for every love story!

It’s the month of February, and we all know what that means! Love is in the air and we at Tanishq are all for it! Whether your relationship has just begun, or you’ve grown old together, we believe that expressing love is for everyone! 

Here are 5 products for the 5 stages of every love story!  

Fall in love, hopelessly: 

You’ve just found the love of your life, and everything about that person is magical. Add a touch of elegance to your love, with a stunning Tanishq diamond ring, a perfect gift that marks the beginning of your love story with its contemporary design. 

Celebrate that Newly Wedded Bliss  

Together, you’ve decided to be there for each other, forever. You’re excited for what lies ahead, for it’s what you’ve dreamt of since the moment you fell in love. Mark the start of this new chapter in your life with diamonds that are as unique as your love and show your wife how much she means to you.  

Rejoice the evolution of your love.

Be it buying a new home, moving to a new city, travelling more or starting a family, your 30s call for the start of a new phase in your love for each other. There is no better feeling than witnessing the evolution of your love, and we would be delighted to partake in this joy!  

Let your love sparkle with our diamond jewellery that is crafted to precision, making each jewel the perfect reflection of your love.    

Make moments with your love.

When life is brimming with new responsibilities, make sure to find time for love. Keep the spark alive by gifting each other surprise delights like this diamond set!  

This charming piece of artistry is all that you’ll need to keep your love going in your 40s.  

Let your love shine brighter:

You’ve spent nearly 3 decades together, and your relationship is now based on explicit understanding of each other, keeping the love you share at the core of everything you do. Mark this timeless love with some of our finest diamond necklace, for each sparkle is emblematic of how much your loved one means to you.  

Every love story is a unique and enthralling one. You fall in love, you find happiness, you settle down, you evolve. But, with time, it’s possible to forget small little joys that are in-fact what make your love story truly wonderful. This February, we encourage you to find your way back to those little joys. To celebrate your relationship, no matter what stage it is in, show your loved one how much they mean to you with an everlasting sparkle that they will truly treasure.