Easy ways to keep your jewels sparkling

Easy ways to keep your jewels sparkling

While we’ve made the effort to wash our hands often and stay safe, it’s just as important to keep your jewels clean too. After all, bacteria can be attached to any surface and the shimmer that you hold dearly deserves to be kept clean. 

So, with little effort, you can make sure that your jewels are in the best possible condition.  Here are a few easy steps you can follow to keep your jewels sparkling!   

Remove your jewels before washing your hands

As we clean our hands regularly, removing the jewellery on your fingers and wrists is of utmost importance. Germs may be present on the skin underneath our rings or bracelets, and washing your hands wearing jewels means that the germs will continue to exist on your skin.  

Also, overexposure to sanitizers can dampen the shine of the jewellery. And so, make sure that you keep your jewels aside while washing hands, helping your jewel retain its beauty. 

Use sanitizers only for hard gemstones

Jewels that are crafted using solid gold and have harder gemstones like diamonds can be disinfected using a hand sanitizer.  

Take a soft cloth or a toothbrush and a little hand sanitizer, clean the jewel gently for few minutes throughout its surface.  

However, it’s advisable that you don’t constantly expose your jewel to sanitizer. 

Use warm water and dish soap preferably  

Simply take warm water mixed with dish solution, place your jewel in it for a few minutes. Then, clean the surfaces gently using a soft cloth or a toothbrush. You can repeat this once a week for your jewels’ betterment.  

Also, for softer stones like pearl, avoid exposing it to water and wipe it immediately if it comes in contact with water. Try not to wear any jewel with soft stones right now, as cleaning them with these methods isn’t advised. 

While we all do our best to stay hygienic and keep germs and bacteria at bay, these simple tips are sure to serve as hacks for keeping our precious jewels clean as well. So, take the time to give these cleaning methods a shot at least once a week, and let your jewels sparkle with the bright hue of safety.